Where do you buy game?

It’s not as hard as you think to get hold of game meat. A lot of us are just not use to think in those terms. We’re use to focus our attention on the usual suspects beef, pork and chicken, maybe lamb if we’re feeling adventurous.

The best way to get hold of game meat is, of course, to shoot it yourself. But, if you are not hunting yourself, then check your cirkle of friends, there might just be a hunter among them. Getting game meat from the source is always the best option.

Otherwise most good fishmonger usually have game birds, venison and hare in the hunting season. If they don’t have it in the shop, they can more often, than not, order it for you.

Most supermarkets in the main cities, are stocking frozen game. So game is available.
Finally, but not least, we have some very good producers of game meat, where you can buy their products on line.

Here a few links for our Danish readers.








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Where ever you live in the world, you’re never far away from game meat.
A quick search online, should provide you with some good options.

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