Steamed mussels, with fennel, chili and garlic

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We’ve been gathering mussels from a small beach, north of Copenhagen. We have cooked the mussels with fennel, chili, garlic and a splash of white wine for the perfect summer flavour.
If you don’t have the opportunity to pick the yourself, all good fishmongers will have them. Mussels are very inexpensive, but super delicious, and they are great food for sharing. Get in!

The mussels

Soak the mussels in cold water and remove the “beard”. Throw away any damaged mussels. If you have any dead mussels, throw them away too. You can check by gently tapping the shell. The mussel should close with in a couple of minutes, if not, discard.

Slice the fennel finely on a mandolin. Heat 3 spsk olive oil in a casserole, big enough to fit all the mussels. Ad the sliced fennel and let it soften in the oil for a few minutes. Ad the garlic and chili, and season with salt and pepper. Ad the mussels followed by the wine. Put on a tight fitting lid and give the casserole a good shake. Leave the mussels to steam for a couple of minutes. When all the mussels has opened, ad the chopped herbs and drizzle with a little olive oil. Serve immidiately with a some nice bread and some chilled white wine.

1 kg mussels
1 red chili, seeds removed and finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely sliced
1 fennel bulb
1 glas of white wine, a nice Soave will be perfect.
a handful og flatleaf parsley, finely chopped
if you have fennel tops, use them as well
olive oil
salt and pepper

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