Sea trout premier on the south coast of Sweden

It’s march and i’m getting ready to head up to the south coast of Sweden, where we’re going to the annual sea trout premier. One of my mates was already up there, so he had been checking out the conditions of the rivers. I got a phone from him reporting that everything was looking really good. Lots of fish in the river, so everything should be aligned for a beautiful premiere.

There’s a slight mist covering the sea as we are crossing the bridge to Sweden. The first rays from the sunrise sparkles in the surf, creating the most beautiful setting for the day ahead.

Needless to say that we’re about to explode with anticipation.


havørred svenskekysten 15
The wind is blowing from southeast, so we have to get over to the east coast to find the conditions we’re after. The water has to be moving with low visibility. We try a few different spots, before we find the right place. As i take the first step into the water i can feel it was the right decision. We are exactly where we need to be.


We all meet at a little fishing-hut. As the president of the local angler association initiated the new season, the sun had come up and we’re all ready to go.

There was not much water in the river. In the first couple of hours, we manage to catch a couple of small trouts. But nothing major, yet!

We all meet at the legedary lunch, which consist of yellow split peas, with sausage and a strong mustard, followed by pancakes with whipped cream. We all had a quick chat about the mornings fishing and 2 of us decided to move from the river, up the coastline to see if we would have better luck there.

The wind is blowing a bit harder and there is foam on the crest of the waves as they roll around the point. The waves are gliding and the sun is warming the cold water, exactly the conditions we’re after. I have tied a “zonker-fly” on the tippet. A swirl reveals a sea trout in the waves. I cast the fly in the direction of the fish. The trout reacts straight away and grabs the fly in one hard pull. The fight is on…. It’s not a big fish, around 50cm, so it is released back into the water again.

The next fish is also quiet small, but the third fish is of a different kaliber. I could feel it as soon as i hooked it. Like the first fish i caught, i saw this one in the surf before i hooked it. I was standing on a reef, with quiet deep water all around me. The fish was at close range during the fight and jumped out of the water 5 or 6 times. It was a beautiful fish, weighing about 5 pounds. A perfect fish to keep, for the family to enjoy.

havørred svenskekysten 06



The next couple of hours we had so much fun. Great fishing and one more beautiful sea trouts for the cooler. Just before the last light disappeared, my mate lost a really big fish. We looked at each other and laughed. What a great day! We totally made the right decision. It was one of those days, where the many year of experience we have got between us, really paid off.


havørred svenskekysten 07
Tight lines, folks! Let’s get cooking.




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