Roebuck premiere Gisslefeldt Manor

It’s the 15th of may and it’s the day before the roebuck premier. I’m driving down to the hunting grounds of Gisselfeldt Manor. Im staying the night in the hunting lodge, so i’m ready for the mornings hunt.


As i’m lying in my bed, i find it so hard to sleep. The excitement and anticipation is filling my mind and body, and i go through every possible scenario, as i’m finally dosing off.


My alarm clock goes off at 3:45, and it feels like i have only slept for a couple of minutes.


In a state of half sleep, half awake, i make a quick pot of coffee and put on my clothes .


I check that i have everything ready and packed, so i’m ready for the day ahead.


I set off and walk quietly through the forrest. It doesn’t take long before i spot the first deer.


A beautiful roe is having her breakfast just 50 meters from me. I stop up and watch her.


The orange morning sunlight sparkles in her red hide, and sit and enjoy the moment till she moves on.


I make my way slowly down to the highseat, where i’m suppose to sit this morning.


As i approach, i suddenly see a young buck dancing around with a roe doe.


I stop up, take my binoculars and study them for a while. The young couple are far to busy with each other to notice me, so i have got plenty of time to have a good look.


The buck is a four pointer. He’s young and strong, and i decide to let him go. He has some good years left in him, to breed and keep the flock going.
Watching them is truly magical. The meadow is covered by a slight mist, and the rays from morning sun creates an golden etherial ring around the young couple.


My heart races with excitement. It’s rare to be able to watch two animals engaging in a prelude to love making in such a beautiful setting.


It’s not even 5 o’clock and i have already had enough excitement to last me a good while.


After i have watched the buck and his lady friend for half hour, i make a slight move and the buck notice me. He raises his head to see what or who i am, and the young couple makes a run for it.


I climb up in the tower and i can see they have made it over to the next field, still watching me.


I sit and wait for a bit, watching the meadow. I see a roe popping a out from the tall grass near the riverbank, and i see lots of hares and pheasants. Still no buck, though!


I pour myself a coffee, an make myself some breakfast. The sun is fully up and not a cloud in the sky. It’s a beautiful day and it’s getting pretty hot where i’m sitting.


Suddenly two deers are entering on the edge of the meadow, about 150 meters from where i’m sitting. I identify them to be a roe and a buck. The buck hasn’t got much antlers on him, and he looks a little bit odd.


He’s quiet far away, so climb down from the tower and sneak quietly along the edge of the forrest, to get a closer look.


The wind is perfect, so the two deer don’t have a clue that i closing in on them.


I stop by a tree, about 30 meters from where they are grassing. I take a look through my binoculars, and i see that the buck is a kind of unicorn, with one long spike, and a little short one.


It’s not a trophy buck by any means, but a perfect one to shoot.


I place my riffle on a brach on the tree, and watch the buck move through the tall grass.


I wait for a good opening and BANG!!!


The buck drops to the ground. A perfect shot through heart, he never felt a thing.


My heart is racing and i’m just sitting a few minutes to catch my breath, before i go over to the fallen buck.


The adrenalin is pumping through my body after the exciting stalk, and i’m grateful for my little “unicorn” buck. Even though it’s not a medal buck, there’s still some great meat on him.


A great day out at Gisselfeldt, and a perfect outcome.


Now it’s time to hit the kitchen and do some cooking. I can’t wait!

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