Hunting fallow deer at Bognæs

Deerstalking is my favourite way of hunting. I love being in the forrest or in the mountains, finding tracks and following them, till you eventually get a sighting. It is incredibly rewarding, even if you don’t get a chance to shoot. If you are lucky to harvest a deer, even better.
That was what happened, when i when staking at Bognæs. I had been in the forrest for to days. Tracking and tracking. I got close a couple of times, but each time i got busted. Towards the end of the day, i ran into a shootable spiker. He spotted me and ran off with a small group of deer. I had been on their tail for a couple of days and had an idea, where they might go for an afternoon feed.
I hurried up to my chosen spot and waited for an hour. A couple of hinds with their calves showed up and gradually more deer turned up. After a little wait the spiker i had been tracking, showed up. He was right at the back of the group, so i had to be really carefull. The surgical precision of my Swarovski z8i helped me pick out the deer and make a safe, and accurate shoot.
The deer never felt a thing and has provided for many great meals for my family and me. Thank you?

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