Take a walk on the wild side with cook Nikolaj Juel and photografer Columbus Leth. We’re taking you hunting, fishing and forraging, in search of adventure and a great meal. We’ll take you hunting for the first roebuck of the summer, pheasant hunting on the beautiful grounds of Ledreborg castle, fishing for steelheads in Oregon and much more.We’ll be picking mushrooms, wild berries and fill up our larder with everything nature has to offer. In our minds, the most natural and sustainable way to live. The whole point of it all, is to get cooking, have some fun and transform our harvest into delicious food. We love to sit around the fire, with some good friends. Eat some good food , drink a glass of wine and tell stories.

So join us……Take a walk on the wild side.


Who are we?

Nikolaj Juel

Nikolaj is a cook on the wildside, hunter and nature lover. He is passionate about food, and loves nothing better than hunting, gathering and cooking in the wild.

Nikolaj has worked with Jamie Oliver @ Fifteen, @Alastair Little, @Rivercafe in London and has been headchef @ Årstiderne, the leading organic farm for organic produce in Denmark.

Nikolaj frequenly holds cooking courses, where he shows how to cook with game and wild food in a new and exciting way.

You can contact Nikolaj on nikolaj@walkonthewildside.dk for more details.

ledreborg jagt26

Columbus leth

Columbus is a passionate fisherman. He has traveled all to all the hotspots in the world, to make a film about the best salmon fishing in the world. With him are his buddies, the Salmon junkies, the world elite in flyfishing.

Besides that, Columbus is the leading food photografer in Denmark, and has won many awards for his beautiful cookbooks.

You can contact Columbus on columbus@walkonthewildside.dk


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